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Once a Sissy Always a Sissy

There's quite a lot written about the subject of "purging". You may have gone through this yourself. It's a waste of time and money.

Purging is when you throw out all your wardrobe, jewelry, makeup, shoes, you know... you decide it's time to quit this silliness and make an attempt at joining mainstream society and be a MAN! 

So many crossdressers, transvestites, sissies -- whatever name you want to go by -- end up simply going back to restocking all the beautiful, sexy, feminine things they enjoy so much in the first place. And all that money!

Why do you do it? A number of reasons, mostly confused emotions: guilt, anxiety, fear, or shame.

We'll tell you a secret: there's nothing to be ashamed of! This is part of who you are, for whatever reason it gives you relief to be feminine.

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So there! Be a sissy! We're telling you now, if you want to be a GOOD sissy, get your mind right with these Sissy Training mp3 recordings.


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