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Just Can't Help It

You are a sissy. Face it. It''s in your blood. You've tried abstinence. You've purged your wardrobe only to restock. You are who you are, my dear: a sweet little sissyboy. Accepting that, you will learn to be very happy being who/what you are.

Gender Tests for trangender and sissy boysMany look to others to help resolve a perceived conflict, framing it in the context of a problem to be solved, as opposed to an endearing facet of personality. One "problem-resolution" method has included gender tests or "mental sex" tests.

The Transexual Roadmap website has a good article on the dangers of these different tests, concluding that the tests should be used only for entertainment purposes. Confirmation about gender issues should come from introspection and discussion of your feelings with others who understand.

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