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Just Can't Help It

You are a sissy. Face it. It''s in your blood. You've tried abstinence. You've purged your wardrobe only to restock. You are who you are, my dear: a sweet little sissyboy. Accepting that, you will learn to be very happy being who/what you are.

Gender Tests for trangender and sissy boysMany look to others to help resolve a perceived conflict, framing it in the context of a problem to be solved, as opposed to an endearing facet of personality. One "problem-resolution" method has included gender tests or "mental sex" tests.

The Transexual Roadmap website has a good article on the dangers of these different tests, concluding that the tests should be used only for entertainment purposes. Confirmation about gender issues should come from introspection and discussion of your feelings with others who understand.

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Short Shorts

Have you had a chance to show off your sissy tootsies and pink toenail polish -- or slutty red? And be sure to look at some ideas in the video below for short shorts looks. We know you want to!

 If you think you don't have the nerve to do something like this, you may need some sissy mind training. We find that using the subliminal voice suggestion here to be effective in training a sissy to develop the mind of a sissy, desire and all. You know you want to!

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Inner Sissy

Beginner Kit sex toys for sissy crossdressers     It's hard to resist the temptation to dress in sexy women's clothing. If you have even DREAMT about what it would feel like to be in a dress, or in high heels, or sexy stockings, the odds are you went ahead and tried it. You can not resist the impulse. It probably started by trying on your sister's panties when no one was home, right? Mmm hmm.

You probably began sneaking panties or other items after that first experience. How exciting it felt! You may have tried over the years to quit dressing, and maybe even felt guilty or bad like something was wrong with you. These periods of quitting were probably never successful. Once a sissy, always a sissy! Rather than live in shame, why not accept it? You should just come to terms with it. Get some of the sissy recordings we like to promote.

Go shopping for some nice things to wear. And for gosh sakes, do NOT PURGE them because you will only find yourself re-stocking your wardrobe later. We like to shop at auction sites where you can receive your pretty things in the mail and not have the mailman raise his eyebrows. That is, unless you really don''t mind packages labeled "Victoria''s Secret."

Another thing: Don''t shy away from treating yourself to the other feminine desires. Dressing up is only part of the experience. You will, of course, want to have some fun once you like what you see in the mirror. Treat your sissy bod to some of the pleasures your feeling. Stock up on toys while you''re at it. (click on the image above and look for some Beginners Kit. You will not regret it, sissy.

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The Sissy in You

You know you didn't end up on the Sissyboy site by accident. Uh uh. You''ve probably been Googling sissy searches all day, right? There is a sissy inside you aching to get out. The more you browse and read and look at beautiful crossdressers and trannies the more desperately you want to indulge.

That''s part of the conundrum of being a sissy, that deep dark desire to join the world of sissies, yet at the same time a hidden fear that maybe you shouldn't: either there''s something wrong or bad about it, or you may get discovered. Come on, even your flimsy excuses for abstaining can''t help you to control the urges, right? Isn''t part of the excitement itself from the possibility of getting caught?

Everyone wants to belong to a group, that''s PSYCH 101. The Internet makes indulging your inner sissy so much easier than the sissy of 20 years ago. You can participate in all the online groups, photo sharing, chat, even meet sissy admirers.

So fear not dear sissy. Join the wonderful, secret, exotic, crazy, indulgent, beautiful, sexy, naughty life of sissyness. You want to belong. When you join the many sissy sites you not only are making a statement that you belong in the world of sissies, you give yourself the access to some fairly risqué stuff. So have at it. Let your inner sissy free.

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Alternative Sissy Lifestyle

We have to tell you that one of the things you will learn to do in the sissy lifestyle is learn to SERVE!

On the website, you can join millions of others living the alternative lifestyle, ready to take you and mold you. But first you have to sign up:

 The alternative lifestyle for your sissy training


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