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Christmas Again?

It''s time to give that little sissy inside you the gifts you've been withholding pleasures from.
We know.

You''ve secretly been trying not to allow that sissy inside you to get out.

Give yourself the gift of sissyness, you silly girl. You can''t fight it, you were born that way!
It starts with panties usually. Think back: did you raid your sister''s panties? Get them out of the laundry hamper?
Or was it bras? Stockings maybe? Your mommy's?
It starts with something. The first thing usually becomes your fetish item. Your secret wardrobe has likely grown. Maybe you have high heels by now, hopefully you do.

Maybe you''ve grown up a bit, and started using toys on yourself. If not, remember -- it''s Christmas!!!

Give yourself a fun playtoy that will help you advance in your sissy life. Maybe something really comfy to "fill you up": click heeeeere!
Another gift you can give that little sissy is some of the tapes that make sure you''re not denying yourself the pleasure to be who you are meant to be! 

sex toys for sissies

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