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Male Breast Implants

Male breast implants

Have you ever put on the prettiest skimpy, lacey bra and started w-i-s-h-i-n-g... for you know what?  (Breasts! silly)

Sexy lingerie feels just so wonderful!

But once you're in that sexy bra, don't you somtimes wish they were real breasts, not just stuffed with some fake filler?

There are lots of products out there that claim to be able to grow male breasts. You know, the natural estrogen. I don't know of any that really work. Leave comments if you have found something that works.

It's hard to get Premarin or prescription estrogen without a prescription. You're taking your chances if you find one of the sites that claim you can order without a prescription. Good luck.



Read about Male Breast Implants.

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Painted Toenails at the Men's Gym

I finally went to the gym, worried that my svelte figure was going to hell from lying around week after week. I had been sooo tired for sooo long. I just said f*** it, and packed my gym bag and drove to the gym.

It felt really good to be on the treadmill again. I don''t go to lift weights or any of that macho crap. I go to be slim and trim and a fit hardbody. I finished my workout and thought it would be very nice to finish the day with a long relaxing sauna. I showered, pulled my hair back, and slipped on my flip- flops. There's nuttin worse than foot fungus from public showers. I noticed I still had my toenail polish on-- oops. Oh well, I was the only one going into the sauna.

That's what I thought. I ladled some water to make steam and some young muscular guy came in. He sat at the other end of the bench I was on. It was embarrassingly silent and then he said, "Is that nail polish?"  I laughed and got nervous and right away started fumbling for a story. I was going to say my girlfriend was trying her new polish on me, but waited too long to make my excuse. He asked again, "Do you like wearing nail polish?"

I noticed his original question had changed. I felt like I couldn't answer. He was now facing me kind of in a crouched position, both on the toppermost bench where it's hottest. The heat had speeded up my heartbeat, but so was the nervousness. Or was it excitement?

 Many times I imagined getting caught doing my girlie stuff, now here I was, alone with a jock in a dimly lit sauna. He laughed and said, "That's alright, let me see." I felt like I was being let off the hook, so I turned enough to show my toes. "No. Let me see them. Put you feet up here." I lifted my legs onto the bench, swiveling my body to face the young stud. "Well, well, well, you shave your legs too! Relax I won''t hurt you. Lean back."

I leaned back against the hot cedar walls. That allowed me to be more comfortable. "I'm into feet," he grinned, massaging my feet, "especially pretty feet. Like yours." he massaged my feet and it was sooo relaxing. Once in a while his massage would go part way up my smooth calves. Then he did something shocking! He put my feet in between his legs, and I could feel an enormous erection!

He must've seen the shock on my face and he just laughed. Hey my massages are worth $60 an hour so now you have to start repaying me! He winked and took my feet and started rubbing them on the sides of his erection. Then I started doing it on my own, and as I got better at it, I even used my toes to tug his shorts down, then the real fun began. For him mostly. No I take that back, I think I was getting off on seeing my girlie toes pleasuring this fine stud.

footfuckWe tried to be sneaky cause there were a few people in the gym area, and when he finally came, it shot on my smooth silky legs and on my feet and pretty toes. "Let's see how much your stretching paid off," he smiled. He pushed my head all the way to my feet and made me lick his cum off my feet. He made me go back to the shower following behind him, where the cum on my face and legs and painted toenails brought looks of disgust, or surprise, or curiosity from the few guys getting dressed or undressed.

I watched my "friend" lean over and say something to one of the guys by a locker. They were both staring my direction. My stud came over to me, "you''re invited to work out with the 3 of us tomorrow." I would be there. Against my better judgement I knew I would.

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Toenail Art

ToenailsFirst of all do a Google Search for Toenail Art Images. You can also look at

After you study them, and look for one that appeals to you, learn how to do your own creative toenail art.

When you're done, and you are happy with your result, why not show them off? Do so here, where you can upload your toenail photo.

Need to train your sissy mind for Makeup Training mp3? Then by all means, do it!

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Makeup and Beauty

I want to tell you now, that if you do not know how to put on makeup you will look very obvious in public. If you're really bad at it, you may even look carnival-ish. It is important to study and practice practice practice.

A good way to do that is to get together with another sissy and have a day of fun. How do you manage to find someone like this? Of course, the very best way is through Adult Friend Finder (AFF).

Be diligent about setting aside entire days for your dressing up.
Believe me, makeup takes a while to put on, much less to learn secrets of application. In order to get your mind devoted to this, we recommend the Sissy Affirmations, and the Sissy Makeup Training mind training at

20050307225029682 1

There is so much information on the internet, it''s just a matter of sifting through it all. We like to find video turorials, learning best by watching, although plenty of sites have step-by-step instructions with images. You can also get all your makeup online too. Don''t worry. Everyone starts their sissy journey somewhere. Below is one of the examples of a video how-to

How to Natural Beauty

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Shapely Sissy

thumb 2007041722120629 2Yes, you CAN be shapely!
You get yourself all dressed up, painstakingly applied makeup and savoring the dress up time, and when you''re finished you excitedly look in the mirror. Is your response one of satisfaction and thrill, or one of disappointment and dismay?

There are the details that can help you be more feminine looking, if you are struggling with that. Men''s hips aren''t shaped the same as women''s, and neither are our butts. You will be happy to learn that there are PADDED PANTIES that will help you achieve that look.

Another thing: men''s physical frames are somewhat larger than men, but again -- fear not. Many places cater to large size women. One that you should be especially pleased with is called Hips and Curves. One item you should call your attention to is the Waist Cincher. It is a cross between a Corset and a garter belt. And we know how you love the garter belts just because they are sexy and feminine. But the waist cincer will draw in your waist and make you more shapely.

Do those 2 things to start. If you REALLY want to work on shape. Use a CORSET to start drawing it as tight as possible, until you can finally cinch it to get a real hourglass shape. But this is for the more serious minded sissy. You may grow into it, we hope.

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Gender Test and Body Image

Have you ever wondered what makes you who you are?
Why do you sometimes feel more feminine than masculine? Or more like a woman than a man?
It can be a little more than just a penchant for dressing up. It could have to do with your personality, your brain, your genetics, your testosterone. Lots of things. There are a few online Gender Tests we''ve mentioned before, but never replace real counseling or therapy with online questionaires. Just take them to see where you fit.

The COGIATI (COmbined Gender Identity And Transsexuality Inventory), Gender Aptitude Test,The Empathy Quotient (EQ) Test, and The Systemizing Quotient (EQ) Test are 4 tests you can take at Gender DynamiX

It''s been our position, that if you feel like a sissy, you ARE a sissy. If you are beginning to have doubts, then listen to some Sissy Affirmations. The hypnosis recordings will train your sissy mind.

Some secretly desire to be a REAL TRANSEXUAL. That''s your own business. To thine own self be true. Like the porn sites? If you fantasize about being a she-male, you probably like watching too.

If you just want to keep it at a fantasty or online level, there are hundreds of thousands of people out there waiting to do the same. You can mingle with them on sites like Adult Friend Finder. Or you can set up a real meet! Crossdresser, Transgender, Transexual --- it''s a wide wide world.

Finally, we want to tell you about Transfemme. Have you ever wanted boobs?

20050703080746915 1

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Sissy Stories Train Your Mind

Feminization heels with lock - sissificationOne of the best things a sissy should do with her time is to read stories about how sissies need to learn and to be kept in their places. This helps do a couple things: it makes you come up with more creative things to experiment with, it gets your mind into a sissy frame of mind, and it keeps your fantasies on the front burner, baby!

The best story sites for SISSY and FEMINIZATION STORIES:

Crystal''s Story Site -- this is one of the older sites that has a searchable index of stories. You will find yourself mesmerized for hours!

Literotica -- they have also been around a while, thousands of stories searchable by tags (this link uses tag "sissy husband"

Satin Submissions -- Forced Feminization & Femdom stories for your naughty reading pleasure.

A Submissive Sissy -- Sissy & Femdom stories -- Feminization Fantasies for Sissy Girls & Panty Slaves

Other ways to train your sissy mind: Sissyme

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Short Shorts

Have you had a chance to show off your sissy tootsies and pink toenail polish -- or slutty red? And be sure to look at some ideas in the video below for short shorts looks. We know you want to!

 If you think you don't have the nerve to do something like this, you may need some sissy mind training. We find that using the subliminal voice suggestion here to be effective in training a sissy to develop the mind of a sissy, desire and all. You know you want to!

20060519173311370 5

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Inner Sissy

Beginner Kit sex toys for sissy crossdressers     It's hard to resist the temptation to dress in sexy women's clothing. If you have even DREAMT about what it would feel like to be in a dress, or in high heels, or sexy stockings, the odds are you went ahead and tried it. You can not resist the impulse. It probably started by trying on your sister's panties when no one was home, right? Mmm hmm.

You probably began sneaking panties or other items after that first experience. How exciting it felt! You may have tried over the years to quit dressing, and maybe even felt guilty or bad like something was wrong with you. These periods of quitting were probably never successful. Once a sissy, always a sissy! Rather than live in shame, why not accept it? You should just come to terms with it. Get some of the sissy recordings we like to promote.

Go shopping for some nice things to wear. And for gosh sakes, do NOT PURGE them because you will only find yourself re-stocking your wardrobe later. We like to shop at auction sites where you can receive your pretty things in the mail and not have the mailman raise his eyebrows. That is, unless you really don''t mind packages labeled "Victoria''s Secret."

Another thing: Don''t shy away from treating yourself to the other feminine desires. Dressing up is only part of the experience. You will, of course, want to have some fun once you like what you see in the mirror. Treat your sissy bod to some of the pleasures your feeling. Stock up on toys while you''re at it. (click on the image above and look for some Beginners Kit. You will not regret it, sissy.

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The Sissy in You

You know you didn't end up on the Sissyboy site by accident. Uh uh. You''ve probably been Googling sissy searches all day, right? There is a sissy inside you aching to get out. The more you browse and read and look at beautiful crossdressers and trannies the more desperately you want to indulge.

That''s part of the conundrum of being a sissy, that deep dark desire to join the world of sissies, yet at the same time a hidden fear that maybe you shouldn't: either there''s something wrong or bad about it, or you may get discovered. Come on, even your flimsy excuses for abstaining can''t help you to control the urges, right? Isn''t part of the excitement itself from the possibility of getting caught?

Everyone wants to belong to a group, that''s PSYCH 101. The Internet makes indulging your inner sissy so much easier than the sissy of 20 years ago. You can participate in all the online groups, photo sharing, chat, even meet sissy admirers.

So fear not dear sissy. Join the wonderful, secret, exotic, crazy, indulgent, beautiful, sexy, naughty life of sissyness. You want to belong. When you join the many sissy sites you not only are making a statement that you belong in the world of sissies, you give yourself the access to some fairly risqué stuff. So have at it. Let your inner sissy free.

Fotolia 11671414 XS



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Alternative Sissy Lifestyle

We have to tell you that one of the things you will learn to do in the sissy lifestyle is learn to SERVE!

On the website, you can join millions of others living the alternative lifestyle, ready to take you and mold you. But first you have to sign up:

 The alternative lifestyle for your sissy training


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Discounts on Our Files

NOW -- Buyers of our Sissification Training mp3 downloads get 10% off if you purchase 3 or more files!

Sissification Training mp3 files Discounts


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