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Online websites for sissy boysIn this day of social networking, it's pretty normal to have an online sissy persona complete with your nicest photos or videos. There are plenty of free online photo storage sites, and ways to share with your best  girlfriends.

Just remember that there are codes of conduct / terms of service and you don''t want to upload tons of photos and get your account closed because you didn''t read the terms of service.

A sissy should also join an adult site that lets you upload your naughty and sexy photos, if you get a thrill out of sharing your photos. Also, adult sites allow you to meet others with your own kinky interests, and even meet in real life if that''s your fancy.

One thing we are finding out, is that it is so convenient (*and cool) to travel with a tablet or smartphone rather than a big laptop. That, plus you can download all the social apps to upload to your sissy account and stay in touch with your sissy girlfriends. even has mobile apps so you can log in to your account from your iPhone/iPad/iPod or from your Android device.  What are you waiting for? It''s cool to be a social sissy!

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The Sissy in You

You know you didn't end up on the Sissyboy site by accident. Uh uh. You''ve probably been Googling sissy searches all day, right? There is a sissy inside you aching to get out. The more you browse and read and look at beautiful crossdressers and trannies the more desperately you want to indulge.

That''s part of the conundrum of being a sissy, that deep dark desire to join the world of sissies, yet at the same time a hidden fear that maybe you shouldn't: either there''s something wrong or bad about it, or you may get discovered. Come on, even your flimsy excuses for abstaining can''t help you to control the urges, right? Isn''t part of the excitement itself from the possibility of getting caught?

Everyone wants to belong to a group, that''s PSYCH 101. The Internet makes indulging your inner sissy so much easier than the sissy of 20 years ago. You can participate in all the online groups, photo sharing, chat, even meet sissy admirers.

So fear not dear sissy. Join the wonderful, secret, exotic, crazy, indulgent, beautiful, sexy, naughty life of sissyness. You want to belong. When you join the many sissy sites you not only are making a statement that you belong in the world of sissies, you give yourself the access to some fairly risqué stuff. So have at it. Let your inner sissy free.

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