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Painted Toenails at the Men's Gym

I finally went to the gym, worried that my svelte figure was going to hell from lying around week after week. I had been sooo tired for sooo long. I just said f*** it, and packed my gym bag and drove to the gym.

It felt really good to be on the treadmill again. I don''t go to lift weights or any of that macho crap. I go to be slim and trim and a fit hardbody. I finished my workout and thought it would be very nice to finish the day with a long relaxing sauna. I showered, pulled my hair back, and slipped on my flip- flops. There's nuttin worse than foot fungus from public showers. I noticed I still had my toenail polish on-- oops. Oh well, I was the only one going into the sauna.

That's what I thought. I ladled some water to make steam and some young muscular guy came in. He sat at the other end of the bench I was on. It was embarrassingly silent and then he said, "Is that nail polish?"  I laughed and got nervous and right away started fumbling for a story. I was going to say my girlfriend was trying her new polish on me, but waited too long to make my excuse. He asked again, "Do you like wearing nail polish?"

I noticed his original question had changed. I felt like I couldn't answer. He was now facing me kind of in a crouched position, both on the toppermost bench where it's hottest. The heat had speeded up my heartbeat, but so was the nervousness. Or was it excitement?

 Many times I imagined getting caught doing my girlie stuff, now here I was, alone with a jock in a dimly lit sauna. He laughed and said, "That's alright, let me see." I felt like I was being let off the hook, so I turned enough to show my toes. "No. Let me see them. Put you feet up here." I lifted my legs onto the bench, swiveling my body to face the young stud. "Well, well, well, you shave your legs too! Relax I won''t hurt you. Lean back."

I leaned back against the hot cedar walls. That allowed me to be more comfortable. "I'm into feet," he grinned, massaging my feet, "especially pretty feet. Like yours." he massaged my feet and it was sooo relaxing. Once in a while his massage would go part way up my smooth calves. Then he did something shocking! He put my feet in between his legs, and I could feel an enormous erection!

He must've seen the shock on my face and he just laughed. Hey my massages are worth $60 an hour so now you have to start repaying me! He winked and took my feet and started rubbing them on the sides of his erection. Then I started doing it on my own, and as I got better at it, I even used my toes to tug his shorts down, then the real fun began. For him mostly. No I take that back, I think I was getting off on seeing my girlie toes pleasuring this fine stud.

footfuckWe tried to be sneaky cause there were a few people in the gym area, and when he finally came, it shot on my smooth silky legs and on my feet and pretty toes. "Let's see how much your stretching paid off," he smiled. He pushed my head all the way to my feet and made me lick his cum off my feet. He made me go back to the shower following behind him, where the cum on my face and legs and painted toenails brought looks of disgust, or surprise, or curiosity from the few guys getting dressed or undressed.

I watched my "friend" lean over and say something to one of the guys by a locker. They were both staring my direction. My stud came over to me, "you''re invited to work out with the 3 of us tomorrow." I would be there. Against my better judgement I knew I would.

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Sissy Stories Train Your Mind

Feminization heels with lock - sissificationOne of the best things a sissy should do with her time is to read stories about how sissies need to learn and to be kept in their places. This helps do a couple things: it makes you come up with more creative things to experiment with, it gets your mind into a sissy frame of mind, and it keeps your fantasies on the front burner, baby!

The best story sites for SISSY and FEMINIZATION STORIES:

Crystal''s Story Site -- this is one of the older sites that has a searchable index of stories. You will find yourself mesmerized for hours!

Literotica -- they have also been around a while, thousands of stories searchable by tags (this link uses tag "sissy husband"

Satin Submissions -- Forced Feminization & Femdom stories for your naughty reading pleasure.

A Submissive Sissy -- Sissy & Femdom stories -- Feminization Fantasies for Sissy Girls & Panty Slaves

Other ways to train your sissy mind: Sissyme

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